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Business Strategy



Our decades of experience, resources and commitment to providing sustainable quality is the forefront of MGC business culture.
Direct engagement of executive leadership supported by Innovative Technical and Operational Teams drives responsive decisions which is a key to robust progress and timely project execution. We take pride of our commitment to fulfilling and exceeding the Local Content requirements.
We build on a safe culture by corporate commitment and responsibility of each employee to ensure safe work environment.

We uphold quality in delivery of projects that meets best practices and standards and expectations of clients by Compliance to local and international standards of business practice and specification.

  • Company Growth Million(SAR)

Volume Of On Going Work

MGC are committed to grow, building on forty years experience and providing the right resources.

Water / Environment project

Components: Transmission Pipe Lines, Strategic Reservoirs, and O&M projects

Number Of Projects

Urban Development & Roads projects

Components: Road, Infrastructure and O&M projects

Number Of Projects